Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Basils Farm has a number of resident animals in the farm including Llama’s, Babydoll Sheep, Indian Runner Ducks and Chickens. Llama  “Houdini” is a crowd favourite and stays close to our small flock of Baby Doll Sheep: “Sam”, “Shawn”, “Timmy” and “Baba”. Other new additions include Indian Runner ducks “Daffy” and his girls Daisy, Doris, Dora and Dee Dee and chickens, including Australorp and White and Brown Sussex breeds. The chickens have been laying loads of eggs daily which are being put to good use in the Cafe.

Animal Feeding Sessions 
Basils Farm regularly holds Animal Feeding Sessions for children under 12 years. Sessions start in the April school holidays and are held every Thursday until December. Please visit our EVENTS page to see further details. Booking information will generally be available a month prior to bookings.


In October 2017, we welcomed “Houdini” to Basils Farm. As his name suggests he has a habit of escaping to he neighbours paddock and we are starting to think he must be having an identity crisis – wanting to be a cow!

Llamas are a South American relative of the camel. There are four different breeds of South American Camellids: Lama Llama, Lama Alpaca, Lama Guanaco and Lama Vicuna. Basils Farm Llamas are Lama Llamas. These sturdy animals have traditionally been used by the people of the Andes Mountains. At the farm they have an important role as guard llamas, protecting our Baby Doll sheep. Llamas are naturally aggressive towards foxes and dogs and extend this protection to their flock or companions.

For more information on Llamas visit:

Southdown “Baby Doll” Sheep 

December 2016 also saw the introduction of Baby Doll sheep: “Sam”, “Shawn”, “Timmy” and “Baba”. You will see their cute “teddy bear” faces down in the paddocks adjacent to Swan Bay. Southdown Baby Doll sheep are a small breed (40-60cm in height) originating from England. They are raised for their flavoursome, tender meat and fine fleece. They have been used in many vineyards as organic weeders and tend not to damage the fruit, so we hope to trial them amongst our vines in the future. For more information visit:

Indian Runner Ducks

Daffy our Drake and his girls Daisy, Doris, Dora and Dee Dee are a delight! They are brilliant at pest control so we plan to let them loose in the vineyards to clear any snails or slugs. Indian Runner ducks are also prolific layers and we plan to use their eggs in the Cafe.

Indian Runner ducks are a breed derived from the wild mallard. They originated from the East Indies and as their name implies, run rather than waddle! They are also known for their upright stance, for walking erect like penguins. More information can be found at


Chickens are an essential part of our farm, providing delicious farm fresh eggs for the Cafe. We have a variety of chicken breeds at Basils Farm including: Australorp and White and Brown Sussex breeds. Our hens are free to roam and enjoy the company of our Indian Runner Ducks. During busy periods when supply cannot meet demand, we supplement our stock with free range eggs from WesEggs. WesEggs employ sustainable and regenerative farming practices and their happy hens don’t have trimmed beaks or clipped wings.