Future Growth

Future Growth

Exciting growth now being realised!

The development of new vineyards at Basils Farm is now complete. The addition of shiraz, chardonnay and pinot noir varietals brings the
total area under vine to 4.2 hectares. The new vines have been provided with the best chance to lay down strong roots and develop into
healthy well-shaped vines.

Infrastructure including irrigation and trellising have been installed and all going well, the vines will be ready for their first harvest in early 2019.

As a result of this growth, we have increased the number of staff working on the farm, maintaining and nurturing these new vineyards.

Our Farm Manager Igor oversees property management and the ongoing maintenance and rehabilitation of the RAMSAR wetland and conservation areas, assisted by our viticulturist Shane in the vineyards.

Igor has recently doubled the market gardens, further developed the orchard and has introduced a variety of farm animals including Llama’s, Babydoll Sheep, Indian Runner Ducks and Chickens.

Exciting times ahead for Basils Farm!