Produce Gardens

At Basils Farm we are passionate about growing our own produce. Our kitchen garden was established under the guidance of well-known Melbourne landscape architect Rob Boyle and now supplies a steady stream of fresh organic produce to Basils Café.

The kitchen garden produces heirloom vegetables and herbs, an orchard of stone fruits, apples, pears, quinces, figs, persimmons, almonds, a myriad of citrus as well as a variety of berries. No chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used on the edible garden. Our chefs harvest produce from the garden daily and the Basils Café menu takes inspiration from what’s in season.

We have welcomed additional chickens onto our farm, which provides us with an abundance of fresh eggs. Our chickens are free range and are housed in our new ‘chicken caravan’ which allows us to move our feathered friends all over the farm. We have also planted many species of indigenous plants, which attract beneficial insects and bees to help maintain a healthy ecosystem, benefiting all aspects of the farm. Sustainable farming practices play an integral role in our approach to a healthy farm environment. Nothing grown on the farm is wasted, it is used in either Basils Café, preserved, fed to the animals or sold fresh at the cellar door.


St Joseph's College Geelong - School Project at Basils Farm

Since early 2017, Basils Farm and St Joseph’s College Geelong have been working together to provide VCAL students with hands-on experience in farm and vineyard management.  The students are learning the principles of biological and sustainable farming practices under the guidance of Farm Manager Igor, with the assistance of Ian and Shane (Vineyard Manager).

Check out some images of the launch event in February 2017 HERE